RX415 - Self Care
RX 415 Book

Credit Hours


Meeting Times

M 2:00-3:50pm


PB 156


Dr. Sheel M. Patel (Course Director)

Jerry Lowery (Course Coordinator

Point Distribution

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Self care is a 2 credit hour class that meets Mondays from 2:00-3:50pm in PB 156. It also has a recitation component. The class teaches students to develop, use, and evaluate self-care strategies to assist patients in assessing their heath status to achieve and maintain optimal health. Topics include nutrition, exercise, immunizations, preventative screenings, vitamins, herbals, nonprescription medications, home monitoring techniques, nonpharmacological treatments, and adverse drug events (ADE) detection and reporting. The course director is Dr. Sheel M. Patel and the course coordinator is Jerry Lowery. Be sure to check out the syllabus or class schedule page for quick reference.

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