RX 411 - Principles of Drug Action
RX 411 Book B
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Credit Hours


Meeting Times

MTW(F) 9:00-9:50am


PB 150


Dr. Kent Vantyle

Dr. Kimberly Beck

Dr. Michael Vance

Dr. Medhane Cumbay

Point Distribution

Exam 1 - 78 pts

Exam 2 - 106 pts

Exam 3 - 110 pts

Final - 86 pts

Applied Learning - 35 pts.

Total = 415 pts.


RX314, RX318.

Required textbook(s)

Golan et al: Principles of Pharmacology, the pathophysiologic basis of drug therapy. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2nd edition, 2008.

Foye et al, Principles of Medicinal Chemistry, 6th ed. Williams and Wilkins, 2008

'Principles of Drug Action 'is a 4 credit hour course that meets Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and some Fridays from 9:00 - 9:50 am. It also includes a recitation component. The course creates the drug knowledge base that can be applied to solve therapeutic problems of patients. Selected drug categories are considered. It is taught by Dr. Kent Vantyle , Dr. Kimberly Beck , Dr. Michael Vance , and Dr. Medhane Cumbay . Be sure to check out the syllabus or class schedule for quick reference.

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Class materialEdit


  • 8/27 - Antihistamines
  • 8/30 - Antihistamines
  • 8/31 - 2nd Gen Antihistamines & H2 Blockers
  • 9/1 - H2 blockers

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