RX 403 - Case Studies in Therapeutics
RX 403 Book

Credit Hours


Meeting Times

F 2:00-4:50pm


JH 141 and various other rooms


Dr. Tracy Sprunger et. al

Point Distribution

Quizzes - 75 pts

Weekly Care Plans - 80 pts

Individual Case presentations - 75 pts

Total = 225 pts


Concurrent RX413 (Therapeutics 1) and Principles of Drug Action (RX 411) or permission of the course director.

Required textbook

Schwinghammer TL, Koehler JM, eds., Pharmacotherapy casebook: A patient-focused approach, 7th Edition. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill; 2008.

Case Studies in Therapeutics is a 1 credit hour class that meets Fridays between the ungodly hours of 2:00 - 4:50pm, usually meeting in JH141. It is taught alongside of RX 413 - Therapeutics. The course provides a case-based approach to the assessment, development and monitoring of therapeutic plans for selected disease states. It is taught by various lecturers and coordinated by Dr. Tracy Sprunger. Be sure to check out the syllabus or class schedule page for quick references.

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Each of the case studies we do in class has its own wiki page. Make sure not to post answer until after an assignment is due.

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