This lecture by Dr. Carrie Maffeo occured on Monday, August 30th

Study MaterialsEdit

Required reading: Handbook of Non-Prescription Drugs Chapters 1 & 2.


Self-Care and Patient Assessmenthandout


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  • Define self care and health promotion and identify components of each.
  • Explain the role of self care and health promotion from both a pharmacist and patient perspective.
  • Identify challenges when providing patient education.
  • List the key components of providing self care and health promotion recommendations for patients.
  • Describe and explain the process and each component of providing effective self care recommendations for patients or caregivers.
  • Describe the responsibility of the pharmacist to the public as an educator for the safe and effective practice of self-care and self-medication.
  • Identify patient age groups that may experience a higher incidence of drug therapy problems.
  • Define the following pediatric age groups: premature, neonate, infant, toddler, early childhood, and adolescence.