1. Identify legal and regulatory processes and issues that relate to self-care pharmacy practice.
  2. Outline three categories that OTC drugs are currently available on the market.
  3. Know the FDA labeling requirements for nonprescription medications (i.e. the drug facts label).
  4. Describe the three ways drugs can be reclassified from prescription to OTC status.
  5. Identify the information considered by the Nonprescription Drug Advisory Committee when deciding prescription to OTC switches (or reclassification).
  6. Define the following: reclassification, tamper-evident, tamper resistant, and Behind-the-Counter medications.
  7. Understand the differences between tamper-evident and tamper resistant.
  8. List the benefits of the availability of self-care products.
  9. Identify OTC medications that have Behind-the-Counter or Regulated sales.