This is a simple directory that lists staff members at Butler University's College of Pharmacy and how to reach them.

COPHS StaffEdit

The following individuals put their valuable time and effort into making sure the college of pharmacy runs smoothly.

Name Position Phone Email Office #
Shirley Copple Secretary - Pharmacy Administrative Office 317-940-9323 Pharmacy Building - 107
Jerry Lowry
Lyne Poore

Class ProfessorsEdit

Name Position Course Taught Phone Email Office #
Dr. Kimberly Beck RX 411
Dr. Bruce Clayton RX 413
Dr. Medhane Cumbay RX 411
Dr. Nandita G. Das RX 421
Dr. Sudip K. Das RX 421
Dr. Carrie Maffeo RX 415
Dr. Sheel Patel RX 415
Dr. Tracy Sprunger Assistant Professor - Pharmacy Practice RX 403 317-940-6145 Pharmacy Building - 203F
Dr. Michael Vance RX 411
Dr. Kent Vantyle RX 411

Guest LecturersEdit

none posted so far

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