Butler Pharmacy P2 students, classes this year got you down? Well now procrastinators and overachievers can rejoice at the creation of the Butler Pharmacy Wiki! This site is exclusive to P2 students and is updated regularly with completed objective lists, old tests, lecture notes, quick links to resources, and more than you can shake a stick at. No really, go ahead, we tried shaking a stick and it didn't work. Feel free to browse around as you please, and as with any wiki, add new content to make it more useful for everyone involved.

If you're a first time visitor, it's highly recommended that you scroll down and check out the major announcements, as well as the "stuff to do" section. While any helpful edits are encouraged, posting information that would be considered "cheating" is not allowed. (I.e posting answers to a graded homework assignment before its actually due). Also, destructive vandalism, such as intentionally posting false or unnecessary information is subject to punishments outlined in Butler's Academic Integrity policy. Remember that everything you do here, even as an anonymous user, is traceable. However, a little lighthearted humor here and there never hurt anybody. But enough with the red tape, this site is yours, enjoy!

- Rees

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Recent P2 News

  • Coastermonger

    I recently made some serious reconfigurations to the main page. Since I've been messing around with the source code, I'm going to go ahead and protect it from further edits so that only admins can make changes. I hope everybody can dig this new look!

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  • Coastermonger

    News Update 10-28

    October 28, 2010 by Coastermonger

    Wikia has finally rolled out their new look, and I have to say it looks better than expected. With all the construction dust finally settling, I can get back to work on the wiki like I intended. Anyone is welcome to pitch in, just contact me if you're looking to help. Good luck on Clusters every…

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  • Coastermonger

    Start it up.

    September 4, 2010 by Coastermonger

    So its a Friday night, and I've come to the conclusion that I am indeed crazy for staying in to edit the website instead of going out to party. Who knows what shenanigans I could be getting into? But seriously, I think the Butler Pharmacy wiki will come to be pretty darn useful over the course of…

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Stuff You Can do

Not quite sure where to start? Here's some simple suggestions to get you on your way to a better grade.

If you're new

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For Beginners

  • Comment on an existing article
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Advanced Users

  • Make edits to an existing page, or start a discussion on an articles talk page.
  • Create a new page, especially for individual class lectures, and link it to existing pages!
  • If you're making an objectives page, for a class, use the objectives template as a starting point

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